What Is the SaveLife Project?

In this era of the “new normal,” as we look for ways to control the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic while also engaging in economic and social life, one thing is clear: our individual safety and security is intrinsically connected to that of others.

The SaveLife Project seeks to deliver sound advice to help young people navigate these times and explore ways to create a healthy and fruitful new lifestyle centered on prevention, protection and heart-to-heart connection.

This platform is a follow-up to the StayHome Project launched on March 29 in response to the coronavirus outbreak and the ensuing state of emergency restrictions imposed by the Japanese government. Using twitter and other social media, it called on young people to stay home, amplifying the message that refraining from nonurgent and nonessential outings would help protect the lives of all. With Japan’s shift to a different phase in the fight against the pandemic, the project was renamed “SaveLife” on May 29.

This project is run by the Soka Gakkai Youth Peace Committee and Soka Youth Physicians Conference, with editorial supervision provided by specialists in the fields of education, politics and public health, among others.


Graduated from Tokyo Medical and Dental University. Medical Doctor.
Master of Public Health attained at Harvard University's School of Public Health.
Professor at the Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences of Tokyo Medical and Dental University.
(Public Health, Global Health Promotion)

<Field of Study>
Public health, Epidemiology
(Social epidemiology, Life course epidemiology)

What’s New

Survey on youth attitudes to COVID-19 in Japan

COVID-19 pandemic has continued to have a major impact on many aspects of life, including work, private life, human relationships and thus, it has made us reflect on how we have lived our life so far and how we will live from now on.

From June 12 through 30, just after the State of Emergency in Japan was lifted, Soka Gakkai Youth Division members conducted an online awareness survey throughout the country (47 prefectures) targeting teens to 40s to learn about the changes in their lives, values and psychological states.

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